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ola::thread Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

Threads and synchronization mechanisms.


class  CallbackThread
 A thread which executes a Callback. More...
class  ConditionVariable
class  ConsumerThread
class  ExecutorInterface
 Defer execution of a callback. More...
class  ExecutorThread
 Enables callbacks to be executed in a separate thread. More...
class  Future
class  Future< void >
class  FutureImpl
class  FutureImpl< void >
class  Mutex
class  MutexLocker
class  PeriodicThread
 A thread which executes a Callback. More...
class  SchedulerInterface
 Allows Callbacks to be scheduled to run after a specified interval. More...
class  SchedulingExecutorInterface
 Combines the ExecutorInterface and the SchedulerInterface. More...
class  SignalThread
class  Thread
class  ThreadPool


typedef void * timeout_id
 A timeout handle which can later be used to cancel a timeout.
typedef pthread_t ThreadId


std::string PolicyToString (int policy)
 Convert a scheduling policy to a string. More...
bool SetSchedParam (pthread_t thread, int policy, const struct sched_param &param)
 Wraps pthread_setschedparam(). More...


static const timeout_id INVALID_TIMEOUT = NULL
 An invalid / uninitialized timeout_id.

Function Documentation

◆ PolicyToString()

std::string ola::thread::PolicyToString ( int  policy)

Convert a scheduling policy to a string.

policythe scheduling policy.
The name of the policy or "unknown".

◆ SetSchedParam()

bool ola::thread::SetSchedParam ( pthread_t  thread,
int  policy,
const struct sched_param &  param 

Wraps pthread_setschedparam().

threadThe thread id.
policythe new policy.
paramthe scheduling parameters.
True if the call succeeded, false otherwise.