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ola::web::ArrayOfJsonValuesContext Class Reference

Detailed Description

The context for an array of JsonValues.

This is used for the enum property. Items in the array can be any JSON type.

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Public Member Functions

void AddEnumsToValidator (BaseValidator *validator)
void String (SchemaErrorLogger *logger, const std::string &value)
void Number (SchemaErrorLogger *logger, uint32_t value)
void Number (SchemaErrorLogger *logger, int32_t value)
void Number (SchemaErrorLogger *logger, uint64_t value)
void Number (SchemaErrorLogger *logger, int64_t value)
void Number (SchemaErrorLogger *logger, double value)
void Bool (SchemaErrorLogger *logger, bool value)
void Null (SchemaErrorLogger *logger)
SchemaParseContextInterfaceOpenArray (SchemaErrorLogger *logger)
void CloseArray (SchemaErrorLogger *logger)
SchemaParseContextInterfaceOpenObject (SchemaErrorLogger *logger)
void ObjectKey (SchemaErrorLogger *, const std::string &)
void CloseObject (SchemaErrorLogger *logger)
bool Empty () const

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