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ola::InputPort Class Referenceabstract

Detailed Description

A port that receives DMX512 data.

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Public Member Functions

virtual void DmxChanged ()=0
 Signal to the port that the DMX data has changed.
virtual const DmxSourceSourceData () const =0
 Get the current DMX data.
virtual void HandleRDMRequest (ola::rdm::RDMRequest *request, ola::rdm::RDMCallback *callback)=0
 Handle RDMRequests, ownership of the RDMRequest object is transferred.
- Public Member Functions inherited from ola::Port
virtual unsigned int PortId () const =0
 Get the Port ID. This is the index within the device. More...
virtual AbstractDeviceGetDevice () const =0
 Get the device which owns this Port. More...
virtual std::string Description () const =0
 Fetch the string description for a Port. More...
virtual bool SetUniverse (Universe *universe)=0
 Bind this port to a universe. More...
virtual UniverseGetUniverse () const =0
 Fetch the universe this Port is bound to. More...
virtual std::string UniqueId () const =0
 Return the globally unique id for a Port. More...
virtual port_priority_capability PriorityCapability () const =0
 Get the priority capabilities for this port. More...
virtual bool SetPriority (uint8_t priority)=0
 Set the Priority for this Port. More...
virtual uint8_t GetPriority () const =0
 Get the numeric priority for this Port. More...
virtual void SetPriorityMode (port_priority_mode mode)=0
 Set the Priority Mode for this Port. More...
virtual port_priority_mode GetPriorityMode () const =0
 Get the Priority Mode for this Port. More...
virtual bool SupportsRDM () const =0
 Check if this Port supports RDM or not. More...

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