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ola::network::IPV4SocketAddress Class Reference

Detailed Description

An IPv4 SocketAddress.

Wraps a sockaddr_in.

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Public Member Functions

 IPV4SocketAddress (const IPV4Address &host, uint16_t port)
 IPV4SocketAddress (const IPV4SocketAddress &other)
IPV4SocketAddressoperator= (const IPV4SocketAddress &other)
bool operator== (const IPV4SocketAddress &other) const
bool operator!= (const IPV4SocketAddress &other) const
bool operator< (const IPV4SocketAddress &other) const
 Less than operator for partial ordering. More...
bool operator> (const IPV4SocketAddress &other) const
 Greater than operator. More...
uint16_t Family () const
const IPV4AddressHost () const
void Host (const IPV4Address &host)
uint16_t Port () const
void Port (uint16_t port)
std::string ToString () const
bool ToSockAddr (struct sockaddr *addr, unsigned int size) const

Static Public Member Functions

static bool FromString (const std::string &str, IPV4SocketAddress *socket_address)
static IPV4SocketAddress FromStringOrDie (const std::string &address)

Member Function Documentation

◆ FromString()

bool ola::network::IPV4SocketAddress::FromString ( const std::string &  str,
IPV4SocketAddress socket_address 

Extract a IPV4SocketAddress from a string.

◆ operator<()

bool ola::network::IPV4SocketAddress::operator< ( const IPV4SocketAddress other) const

Less than operator for partial ordering.

Sorts by host, then port.

◆ operator>()

bool ola::network::IPV4SocketAddress::operator> ( const IPV4SocketAddress other) const

Greater than operator.

Sorts by host, then port.

◆ ToSockAddr()

bool ola::network::IPV4SocketAddress::ToSockAddr ( struct sockaddr *  addr,
unsigned int  size 
) const

Copy this IPV4SocketAddress into a sockaddr.

Implements ola::network::SocketAddress.

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