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ola::plugin::openpixelcontrol::OPCInputPort Class Reference

Detailed Description

An InputPort for the OPC plugin.

OPCInputPorts correspond to a listening TCP socket.

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Public Member Functions

 OPCInputPort (OPCServerDevice *parent, uint8_t channel, class PluginAdaptor *plugin_adaptor, class OPCServer *server)
 Create a new OPC Input Port. More...
const DmxBufferReadDMX () const
bool WriteDMX (const DmxBuffer &buffer, uint8_t priority)
std::string Description () const
 Fetch the string description for a Port. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from ola::BasicInputPort
 BasicInputPort (AbstractDevice *parent, unsigned int port_id, const PluginAdaptor *plugin_adaptor, bool supports_rdm=false)
 Create a new basic input port.
unsigned int PortId () const
 Get the Port ID. This is the index within the device. More...
AbstractDeviceGetDevice () const
 Get the device which owns this Port. More...
bool SetUniverse (Universe *universe)
 Bind this port to a universe. More...
UniverseGetUniverse () const
 Fetch the universe this Port is bound to. More...
virtual std::string UniqueId () const
 Return the globally unique id for a Port. More...
bool SetPriority (uint8_t priority)
 Set the Priority for this Port. More...
uint8_t GetPriority () const
 Get the numeric priority for this Port. More...
void SetPriorityMode (port_priority_mode mode)
 Set the Priority Mode for this Port. More...
port_priority_mode GetPriorityMode () const
 Get the Priority Mode for this Port. More...
void DmxChanged ()
 Called when there is new data for this port.
const DmxSourceSourceData () const
 Get the current DMX data.
void HandleRDMRequest (ola::rdm::RDMRequest *request, ola::rdm::RDMCallback *callback)
 Handle an RDM Request on this port. More...
void TriggerRDMDiscovery (ola::rdm::RDMDiscoveryCallback *on_complete, bool full=true)
 Trigger the RDM Discovery procedure for this universe.
port_priority_capability PriorityCapability () const
 Get the priority capabilities for this port. More...
virtual uint8_t InheritedPriority () const
virtual bool PreSetUniverse (Universe *, Universe *)
virtual void PostSetUniverse (Universe *, Universe *)
virtual bool SupportsRDM () const
 Check if this Port supports RDM or not. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from ola::BasicInputPort
virtual bool SupportsPriorities () const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ola::plugin::openpixelcontrol::OPCInputPort::OPCInputPort ( OPCServerDevice parent,
uint8_t  channel,
class PluginAdaptor plugin_adaptor,
class OPCServer server 

Create a new OPC Input Port.

parentthe OPCDevice this port belongs to
channelthe OPC channel for the port.
plugin_adaptorthe PluginAdaptor to use
serverthe OPCServer to use, ownership is not transferred.

Member Function Documentation

string ola::plugin::openpixelcontrol::OPCInputPort::Description ( ) const

Fetch the string description for a Port.

a short text description of this port.

Implements ola::Port.

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