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ola::thread::ConditionVariable Class Reference

Detailed Description

A condition variable

Public Member Functions

 ConditionVariable ()
 ~ConditionVariable ()
void Wait (Mutex *mutex)
bool TimedWait (Mutex *mutex, const ola::TimeStamp &wake_up_time)
void Signal ()
void Broadcast ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ConditionVariable()

ola::thread::ConditionVariable::ConditionVariable ( )

◆ ~ConditionVariable()

ola::thread::ConditionVariable::~ConditionVariable ( )

Clean up

Member Function Documentation

◆ Broadcast()

void ola::thread::ConditionVariable::Broadcast ( )

Wake up all listeners

◆ Signal()

void ola::thread::ConditionVariable::Signal ( )

Wake up a single listener

◆ TimedWait()

bool ola::thread::ConditionVariable::TimedWait ( Mutex mutex,
const ola::TimeStamp wake_up_time 

Timed Wait

mutexthe mutex that is locked
wake_up_timethe time to wake up. This must be an absolute i.e. real time.
true if we received a signal, false if the timeout expired.

◆ Wait()

void ola::thread::ConditionVariable::Wait ( Mutex mutex)

Wait on a condition variable

mutexthe mutex that is locked

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