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RDMControllerInterface.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Definitions and Interfaces to implement an RDMController that sends a single message at a time.

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class  ola::rdm::RDMControllerInterface
 The interface that can send RDMRequest. More...
class  ola::rdm::DiscoverableRDMControllerInterface
 The interface that can send RDM commands, as well as perform discovery operations. More...


namespace  ola
 The namespace containing all OLA symbols.
namespace  ola::rdm
 PLASA E1.20 Remote Device Management.


typedef ola::BaseCallback1
< void, RDMReply * > 
 The callback run when a RDM request completes.
typedef ola::BaseCallback1
< void, const ola::rdm::UIDSet & > 
 The callback run when a discovery operation completes.


void ola::rdm::RunRDMCallback (RDMCallback *callback, RDMStatusCode status_code)
 A helper message to run a RDMCallback with the given status code.