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ola::plugin::usbdmx::AsyncUsbSender Class Referenceabstract

Detailed Description

A base class that send DMX data asynchronously to a libusb_device.

This encapsulates much of the asynchronous libusb logic. Subclasses should implement the SetupHandle() and PerformTransfer() methods.

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Public Member Functions

 AsyncUsbSender (ola::usb::LibUsbAdaptor *const adaptor, libusb_device *usb_device)
 Create a new AsyncUsbSender. More...
virtual ~AsyncUsbSender ()
bool SendDMX (const DmxBuffer &buffer)
 Send one frame of DMX data. More...
void TransferComplete (struct libusb_transfer *transfer)
 Called from the libusb callback when the asynchronous transfer completes. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from ola::plugin::usbdmx::AsyncUsbTransceiverBase
 AsyncUsbTransceiverBase (ola::usb::LibUsbAdaptor *const adaptor, libusb_device *usb_device)
 Create a new AsyncUsbTransceiverBase. More...
virtual ~AsyncUsbTransceiverBase ()
bool Init ()
 Initialize the transceiver. More...
libusb_device_handle * GetHandle ()
 Get the libusb_device_handle of an already opened widget. More...

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool PerformTransfer (const DmxBuffer &buffer)=0
 Perform the DMX transfer. More...
virtual void PostTransferHook ()
 Called when the transfer completes. More...
bool TransferPending () const
 Check if there is a pending transfer. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ola::plugin::usbdmx::AsyncUsbTransceiverBase
virtual libusb_device_handle * SetupHandle ()=0
 Open the device handle. More...
void CancelTransfer ()
 Cancel any pending transfers.
void FillControlTransfer (unsigned char *buffer, unsigned int timeout)
 Fill a control transfer. More...
void FillBulkTransfer (unsigned char endpoint, unsigned char *buffer, int length, unsigned int timeout)
 Fill a bulk transfer.
void FillInterruptTransfer (unsigned char endpoint, unsigned char *buffer, int length, unsigned int timeout)
 Fill an interrupt transfer.
int SubmitTransfer ()
 Submit the transfer for tx. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Types inherited from ola::plugin::usbdmx::AsyncUsbTransceiverBase
- Protected Attributes inherited from ola::plugin::usbdmx::AsyncUsbTransceiverBase
ola::usb::LibUsbAdaptor *const m_adaptor
 The LibUsbAdaptor passed in the constructor.
libusb_device *const m_usb_device
 The libusb_device passed in the constructor.
libusb_device_handle * m_usb_handle
bool m_suppress_continuation
struct libusb_transfer * m_transfer
TransferState m_transfer_state
ola::thread::Mutex m_mutex

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ola::plugin::usbdmx::AsyncUsbSender::AsyncUsbSender ( ola::usb::LibUsbAdaptor *const  adaptor,
libusb_device *  usb_device 

Create a new AsyncUsbSender.

adaptorthe LibUsbAdaptor to use.
usb_devicethe libusb_device to use for the widget.

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool ola::plugin::usbdmx::AsyncUsbSender::PerformTransfer ( const DmxBuffer buffer)
protectedpure virtual
virtual void ola::plugin::usbdmx::AsyncUsbSender::PostTransferHook ( )

Called when the transfer completes.

Some devices require multiple transfers per DMX frame. This provides a hook for continuation.

Reimplemented from ola::plugin::usbdmx::AsyncUsbTransceiverBase.

Reimplemented in ola::plugin::usbdmx::DMXCProjectsNodleU1AsyncUsbSender, ola::plugin::usbdmx::VellemanAsyncUsbSender, and ola::plugin::usbdmx::DMXCreator512BasicAsyncUsbSender.

bool ola::plugin::usbdmx::AsyncUsbSender::SendDMX ( const DmxBuffer buffer)

Send one frame of DMX data.

bufferthe DMX data to send.
the value of PerformTransfer().
void ola::plugin::usbdmx::AsyncUsbSender::TransferComplete ( struct libusb_transfer *  transfer)

Called from the libusb callback when the asynchronous transfer completes.

transferthe completed transfer.

Implements ola::plugin::usbdmx::AsyncUsbTransceiverBase.

bool ola::plugin::usbdmx::AsyncUsbSender::TransferPending ( ) const

Check if there is a pending transfer.

true if there is a transfer in progress, false otherwise.

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