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ola::plugin::usbdmx::DMXCProjectsNodleU1AsyncUsbSender Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ola::plugin::usbdmx::DMXCProjectsNodleU1AsyncUsbSender:
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Public Member Functions

 DMXCProjectsNodleU1AsyncUsbSender (ola::usb::LibUsbAdaptor *adaptor, libusb_device *usb_device, unsigned int mode)
libusb_device_handle * SetupHandle ()
 Open the device handle. More...
bool PerformTransfer (const DmxBuffer &buffer)
 Perform the DMX transfer. More...
void PostTransferHook ()
 Called when the transfer completes. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from ola::plugin::usbdmx::AsyncUsbSender
 AsyncUsbSender (ola::usb::LibUsbAdaptor *const adaptor, libusb_device *usb_device)
 Create a new AsyncUsbSender. More...
virtual ~AsyncUsbSender ()
bool SendDMX (const DmxBuffer &buffer)
 Send one frame of DMX data. More...
void TransferComplete (struct libusb_transfer *transfer)
 Called from the libusb callback when the asynchronous transfer completes. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from ola::plugin::usbdmx::AsyncUsbTransceiverBase
 AsyncUsbTransceiverBase (ola::usb::LibUsbAdaptor *const adaptor, libusb_device *usb_device)
 Create a new AsyncUsbTransceiverBase. More...
virtual ~AsyncUsbTransceiverBase ()
bool Init ()
 Initialize the transceiver. More...
libusb_device_handle * GetHandle ()
 Get the libusb_device_handle of an already opened widget. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Types inherited from ola::plugin::usbdmx::AsyncUsbTransceiverBase
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ola::plugin::usbdmx::AsyncUsbSender
bool TransferPending () const
 Check if there is a pending transfer. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ola::plugin::usbdmx::AsyncUsbTransceiverBase
void CancelTransfer ()
 Cancel any pending transfers.
void FillControlTransfer (unsigned char *buffer, unsigned int timeout)
 Fill a control transfer. More...
void FillBulkTransfer (unsigned char endpoint, unsigned char *buffer, int length, unsigned int timeout)
 Fill a bulk transfer.
void FillInterruptTransfer (unsigned char endpoint, unsigned char *buffer, int length, unsigned int timeout)
 Fill an interrupt transfer.
int SubmitTransfer ()
 Submit the transfer for tx. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from ola::plugin::usbdmx::AsyncUsbTransceiverBase
ola::usb::LibUsbAdaptor *const m_adaptor
 The LibUsbAdaptor passed in the constructor.
libusb_device *const m_usb_device
 The libusb_device passed in the constructor.
libusb_device_handle * m_usb_handle
bool m_suppress_continuation
struct libusb_transfer * m_transfer
TransferState m_transfer_state
ola::thread::Mutex m_mutex

Member Function Documentation

bool ola::plugin::usbdmx::DMXCProjectsNodleU1AsyncUsbSender::PerformTransfer ( const DmxBuffer buffer)

Perform the DMX transfer.

bufferthe DMX buffer to send.
true if the transfer was scheduled, false otherwise.

This method is implemented by the subclass. The subclass should call FillControlTransfer() / FillBulkTransfer() as appropriate and then call SubmitTransfer().

Implements ola::plugin::usbdmx::AsyncUsbSender.

void ola::plugin::usbdmx::DMXCProjectsNodleU1AsyncUsbSender::PostTransferHook ( )

Called when the transfer completes.

Some devices require multiple transfers per DMX frame. This provides a hook for continuation.

Reimplemented from ola::plugin::usbdmx::AsyncUsbSender.

libusb_device_handle* ola::plugin::usbdmx::DMXCProjectsNodleU1AsyncUsbSender::SetupHandle ( )

Open the device handle.

A valid libusb_device_handle or NULL if the device could not be opened.

Implements ola::plugin::usbdmx::AsyncUsbTransceiverBase.

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